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Find discount NFL Jerseys UK with our live auction listings. Use the menu on eitherside to search by team to find discount football jerseys, helmets and other NFL (National Football League) related equipment and memorabilia.

Below you will find the latest NFL auction listings from eBay, the search results themselves have been filtered so that only NFL jerseys are shown, listed in order of items ending soonest first. With the UK yet to have a recognised and reliable NFL jersey retailer carrying all sizes, many people are turning to eBay as their number one source for buying NFL Jerseys in the UK.

Alternatively, for further details please scroll down below the listing for an eBay buyers guide and NFL Superbowl 2010 information and videos.

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The Top 5 eBay Buying Guide

1. Read every word of the description, go through the listing and make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

2. Always be aware when the listing is going to end, you don't want to miss out on a chance to win an auction due to forgetting to bid. Add it to your "watch list" and remember to be especially vigilant of end time of buy it now auctions as well.

3. If you need further information regarding the size, condition or anything else about an item always get in touch with the seller. You can do this buy using the "Ask seller question" function in eBay.

4. Be aware of the shipping costs and shipping methods before you bid or buy. Many people can think they have a bargain only to be caught out by inflated postage fees or import duties if buying from abroad.

5. And finally be aware of what payment methods and seller will accept. The safest method is via eBay own Paypal. Where once registered you can send and receive money in a secure environment, that is backed up by the PayPal guarantee.

NFL Jersey History

Over the decade of the noughties we saw the birth to a new expansion team in the Houston Texans. Many more NFL jersey uk changes are made. The NFL permits the use of alternate NFL jerseys that can be worn up to 3 times in a season. Throwback jerseys become a tradition on Thanksgiving Day.

Back in the 90's was the start of the uniform boom. NFL Jersey sales became one of the most profitable areas in NFL merchandise. Many franchises decided to change their NFL jersey colors. The Cleveland Browns Jersey move to Baltimore to become the Baltimore Ravens Jersey. The St. Louis Rams Jersey move to Missouri. The Houston Oilers move to Tennessee to become the Tennessee Titans Jersey.

Two further expansion teams are established in Jacksonville, Florida and in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Cleveland Browns Jersey are resurrected in 1999. Many teams make uniform changes, including the Denver Broncos Jersey, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey, San Francisco 49ers Jersey, New York Jets Jersey, Miami Dolphins Jersey and the New England Patriots Jersey.

In the eighties many of the current NFL jersey designs become finalized and interestingly no expansion teams where added. San Diego Chargers jersey replaced theirs original NFL jersey design and moved on to deeper and darker colors.

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